home made lavender surface spray

home made lavender infused surface spray – press play ↓



this home made lavender spray is so lovely, and you can rest assured using it safely around little ones! I use this spray every day in our home and whenever I smell ajax or something similar when I am at a friends house or in a cafe – I almost gag! I have an abundance of lavender growing in my garden so it seemed right to use it in this way, you could substitute the lavender with orange or lemon peels, or rosemary or even mint. But this is a lovely lush spray that works like a charm! 

♥ cut your lavender and wash, leave to dry – I cut lavender according to as many jars as I wish to fill – I generally fill 2 jars in one go

♥ push lavender into your mason jars until its full (I use jars with plastic lids so the vinegar does not corrode metal) 

♥ fill the jar to the top with white vinegar and let it sit in a dark space for up to 2 weeks

♥ pour your fermented mixture into a glass amber spray bottle (I buy these from ebay) 

♥ add in your essential oils – I like to use about 20 drops in total of my fav cleaning oils. This time I used Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint & On Guard

♥ She’s good to go!