Melbourne, Werribee & Yarraville wedding videographer

Melbourne, Werribee & Yarraville wedding videographer

Would you also like your wedding filmed?

7 hours – $2800

10 hours – $3200

My husband Sean is a rather talented man – he has a love for film and a fine panache for editing & music. 

Sean has a real passion for film, he has spent the last 3 years making the most tear jerking films of our daughter Frankie – one thing that sets Sean’s wedding films apart from the rest – is he adds in audio to your film. This is a very tricky thing to do and quite a lot of videographers will not offer it because its time consuming & tricky. But both Sean & I believe audio is essential, it will make you cry so hard when you hear the love of your life reading their vows, or seeing your mum cry, or hearing your baby goo during your ceremony. These films will never outdate, they will never get boring – you will never regret the decision to add film to your wedding day.

Also worth a million mentions – is Sean’s knowledge for music. When you make a wedding film if you want to share it publicly with your friends and family online, you must use licensed music, and it is no easy task finding funky creative music! But not for Sean – he literally spends hours trawling music websites, all our friends ask Sean first what is new and on the scene music wise – you should see our vinyl collection. So rest assured that the music that accompanies your video will be amazing.

The added bonus of a husband and wife team is – our editing and style dance with each other, both your photos & film will have a beautiful consistency. And because we have been together for over 13 years, we communicate beautifully – which is important on your special wedding day, the last thing you need is a photographer and a separate film crew with lights and tripods – we are lifestyle photographers who prefer to capture emotion without loads of unnecessary gear.
One last and awesome bonus – if your wedding is in the country, we have one combined travel fee! yay!  

Here is what he can create for you…..