Natural bohemian newborn photography Melbourne

Natural bohemian newborn photography Melbourne

newborn session – $790
includes 50 – 60 digital images + free mini maternity session

I offer a free maternity mini session with every newborn session booked. These mini’s are to be held close to my home in Werribee, they will last around 30mins and I will give you a beautiful online gallery of around 10 photos. These mini’s are only available if you have gotten in touch prior to giving birth.

Your session includes:

• up to 3 hours of photography in the comfort of your home – I use natural light and natural poses
• I bring along a selection of lush fabrics I have collected from all over the world and beautiful bohemian lace head ties, bonnets and natural rompers
• close communication via email, phone or skype to discuss our plans for your shoot
• high resolution images are supplied in a beautiful downloadable online gallery through my website
• sneak peeks almost instantly and emails filled with photos as I edit your album
• for babies up to 3 months of age – the best age to do these sessions is 5 – 9 days old

Sessions are held on Monday’s, Wednesdays & Friday mornings with some exceptions for weekends

I require a $100 booking fee to secure your session, bookings are essential especially for weekend
I charge a travel fee of $80 per hour traveled, I google map the whole distance traveled from my home in Werribee .

Sometimes my prices may change. x

Babe’s first year – $1800
Includes –
♥ 40 – 50 digital images from our newborn session
♥  maternity mini session (10 images)

♥ a mini session when your babe is sitting up (20 images)
♥ and a bespoke custom designed album

♥ I am happy to offer a payment plan too, just get in touch with me and we can work something out


Natural bohemian newborn photography Melbourne

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! I just love photographing newborns. Newborn sessions normally take a little longer as there is feeding, cuddling, settling and changing involved, but that’s cool because I will hang around until we are all happy we have got all the shots we need, and often those feeding and changing moments are so lovely to photograph. I have done heaps of these beautiful sessions so I know what to expect, and I have had my own baby girl, so I know some cute settling tricks – newborns truly are my favorite.

These sessions are very special, I hold them very close to my heart. I spent 3 years photographing newborn babies in Melbourne hospitals, it was such an amazing & touching experience. My mother was a midwife for 25 years in my hometown of Oamaru, New Zealand so I was bought up with babies.  And now with my own precious daughter Frankie…I understand now, more than ever how very important these fleeting images are.

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Other important information for your newborn session


Your Newborn Session should ideally take place in the first two weeks after your babies arrival in order to get those super sweet newborn poses before they learn how to stretch out and wiggle too much. 5-8 days old is ideal. However, we all know that babies don’t always arrive as scheduled. Book your Session with me as soon as possible so I can pencil you in for as close to your due date as possible. If baby comes early, I will do my best to be a flexible with your session as possible. Please put me on your “Baby is Here” announcement list so that I can celebrate your little one’s arrival and get ready for his or her session. The more notice, the better.

What to expect

These delicate and beautiful sessions can last up to 3 hours depending on feeding and settling. As you may know, keeping baby happy is a big job. And keeping baby happy enough to get those perfect newborn photos is a complicated process that involves a lot of love, training and patience. As much as your baby needs my patience, I will also need yours. Your session may take a few hours and your patience and trust is needed to get the best photos possible.

 At some points during your session, I may need you to act as my assistant to help settle your bubba, hold props, and blankets or to assist when baby makes a mess during a diaper-less shoot. Please don’t feel embarrassed if your little one “makes a mess” when his or her nappy is off. It’s just a part of newborn photography.  It is, however, a good idea to have wipes and/or towels at the ready. I may send mummy to another room to rest as new little ones can sense your presence and may want to eat instead of sleep. Daddy may act as my assistants during this time.

How to prepare myself and baby

Sessions are scheduled in the mornings when babies are sleepiest (usually around 10am). Please try to keep baby awake for a few hours prior to their session. A morning bath is a great way to keep your little one awake prior to your session. It is important that you feed and burp just before I arrive at your home. A happy, sleepy, and “milk drunk” baby is key to a successful shoot. I am happy to allow for as many private feeding breaks as needed during the session. It is very important to keep your house warm during your newborn session.

Prior to your session, dress your little one in lose fitting, easy-to-remove clothing and loosen their nappy to avoid marks on their skin.

If breastfeeding, please avoid spicy foods prior to your session as these foods can bother baby’s tummy and keep them awake and fussy.

Some parents have personal items and preferences for backgrounds and props.  Please discuss these with me prior to your shoot so that I can plan accordingly. You may even have a unique idea that inspires me to get a one-of-a-kind shot! Please do not hesitate to share inspiration photos with me but please be aware that I may not be able to copy a photo exactly, I do not pose babies in a way that they would not naturally lie or sleep themselves.

Most of the photographs I take of your baby, will be nude shots. Please know the more outfit changes we do, the more we are likely to unsettle your sleeping baby. So I aim to do as little outfit changes as possible.

One other thing worth mentioning, as I take a few photos of you holding your wee baby close up, and of you holding their hands, its best if you have clean fingernails.

I will do my best to get as many shots as possible but please keep in mind that too many changes can overwhelm your little one.  Please also keep in mind that the number and quality of your photos will ultimately depend on the temperament of your little one.

How to prepare my home

If I am shooting in your home, please open all curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible so that I can easily find the best place to set up my “studio”. Upon my arrival, I may need to do a walk though of your home to find the best location to set up (usually in an open area near a large window).
I use mum and dads bedroom for a few shots, so please have your bedroom also nice and bright with curtains raised. Also if you have bedside tables, could you kindly pop everything in drawers as to avoid clutter.

You will need to keep your home much warmer than usual during your session as babies are used to being bundled up and I will have them naked for a good part of the session. A general temperature to keep your home while I shoot is around 28 deg. This sounds hot…..and it is, generally its Dad who suffers most! So he is welcome to hang out in the lounge and watch TV!  Keeping babies warm is very important to the success of your session.  I will also need access to power outlets to plug in professional lighting. Pets, family members, and other distractions will need to be removed from the session area.

I have older children, can they be included in the session?

lifestyle newborn photographer werribee melbourne

lifestyle newborn photographer werribee melbourne

I am happy to photograph older children as part of your session, but please know that toddlers can be quite distracting during these sessions and it is imperative to maintain a quite serene space for this session. It is also quite boring for a toddler to hang out in a hot room for a few hours. For this reason I suggest parents make alternative arrangements for older children, having them present at the session for the last 30mins. Some parents decide to send Dad out to pick up older siblings from childcare towards the end of our session, or some parents have grandparents take them for a long walk while we photograph your baby, whatever works for you best.

What should I bring and wear?

For Mum and Dad, its best to wear something comfy for our shoot as my studio or your home will be warm. However if you would like to bring some clothes for our portrait session I recommend a t-shirt or shirt that is neutral and not too baggy fitting. Nothing too bulky like a big black jumper or sweater. We don’t want to drown out your little bubba. Some comfy jeans or pants are suitable and a nice light coloured top will be great. A plain black or white singlet that is quite snug may come in handy for some shots.

I will be taking quite a few shots with your hands in the photo, holding babies head, hands and feet, so it is a great idea if your finger nails are nicely pruned for our session too.

Most importantly

Relax….. Your little one can sense when you are nervous or anxious. Remaining calm and patient even if your baby is fussing will be very important to getting great photos. I have lots of experience with newborns, babies and children. I will take every measure to ensure that you and your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the session. Please feel free to use this time to have a seat and relax or even take what may be your only chance for a nap in the near future. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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