She Hunts Op Shops Melbourne

She Hunts Op Shops 

She Hunts Op Shops Melbourne

Here is my little side project – She Hunts Op Shops. Our humble home is a little eclectic & boho, we love op shops • finding treasure • living a sustainable life • making natural products • growing our own food • meandering through old vinyl • finding pre-loved items • and cats, because cats are wonderful. I’m a sucker for finding treasure on the side of the road, its actually a problem of mine! I love using natural products on myself and my daughter Frankie, I make a lot of my own skincare and household products and I love sharing how I do this. I spend a bit too much time cruising round op shops, so I decided to photograph them and create a space where we can all talk about it – if you would like to follow our adventures and join our wonderful community, I have a pretty hefty facebook page where I share stories from our life, our home, treasure I am finding, how to place items together in your home that have all come from random and various places and being a mama to our flower babe Frankie Soleil. Come and find us here > (or click the green circle)

Junkies Magazine

I also contribute in each issue of the amazing Junkies magazine.  I am so proud to be a part of this incredible magazine, it is a Melbourne mag all about reusing, recycling, sustainability & reducing waste. 

she hunts recipes & videos – yay

A time lapse of my entire day Frankie! Press play ↓


how to make home made lavender surface spray – press play ↓

how to make your own baby wipes in 3 mins! – press play ↓


how to make your own home made deodorant video – press play ↓ 

how to make a super smoothie for your toddler that they will love – press play ↓