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Yay you’re getting married! Awesome stuff! Creative wedding photography Melbourne.

Pixie Rouge Photography – wedding sessions & info

packages begin at $3200 for 7 hours

I offer a range of sessions – please email me HERE for my detailed wedding prices PDF

would you like albums or frames? See all information about them HERE

I would love to meet you and chat about all your plans, I hold meetings in my humble home in Werribee, you can browse through some fine art albums and we can get to know one another. Send me an email and Ill forward you my full price list.
* please note, my prices are subject to change – but not often. 

Would you also like your wedding filmed? Its such a magical way to relive your day

My husband Sean is a rather talented man – he has a love for film and a fine panache for editing & music. 

ceremony & bridal shots – $980

7 hours – $2800

10 hours – $3200

Check this link HERE to see examples of Sean’s work



sessions include

♦ high res & low res files on a custom USB

♦ a beautiful bunch of funky polaroid prints packaged in a beautiful keepsake box filled with love

♦ a beautiful online gallery

♦ a meeting at my home to nut out how your wedding will be planned and what you would like for your photography

♦ professional advice and assistance with your timeline, best light to take advantage of, locations, other awesome vendors in the industry

♦ sneak peeks and lots of emails with photos from me almost instantly to keep you up to speed with how the editing of your album is going

get in touch with me HERE

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Your wedding is such an special occasion; I am so humbled to be considered such an important part of this day. I just love being a wedding photographer, I believe it is the best job in the world. I have access into your lives and your intimate moments, I am surrounded by love and happiness all the time, introduced to your family and friends and invited into your home. I am capturing memories for you on one of the most important days of your lives, memories that will be passed onto your family and friends for generations to come. I travel to wonderful locations all over the world. I truly do have the greatest job in the world, a job I love and I pour all that love into my photos for you. My wedding photography is more on the documentary, bohemian and whimsical side, rather organic, raw and real. No excessive posing or awkward moments.
My work has been  featured both in magazines and online. Brides Australia. Boho Weddings, Nouba. White Magazine. Polka Dot Bride. Offbeat Bride. Rock n Roll Bride. Vintage Bride Magazine. Chic Vintage Bride. Juno Magazine UK. Hooray Magazine. Modern Wedding.

Organising a wedding can be hard work, so I’ll try to make this part super easy by offering affordable and flexible photography packages.

creative natural wedding photographer Werribee Melbourne






Got some questions? I got answers!

Do you provide a second shooter?

I highly recommend a second photographer. Having a second shooter on the day allows for more angles and a larger variety of situations can be captured. It means I know we have time to capture all the important photographs and it frees me up to be more creative with your portrait session. It also allows for a larger number of photos taken during our portrait session as I can spend more time with the bride and groom while my second shooter can photograph the bridal party.
More often than not I can be running late into the reception after taking all the family photos and bridal shots, & I wont get a chance to get photos of the details in the venue before everyone arrives, having a second shooter is like having ‘ another me ‘ Your album and memories from the day are covered solidly. 
I use professional colleagues as my second shooters, not students or people starting out, so the quality of images stays the same as mine, and I seek photographers who have a similar style to mine too.

So what’s my style?

I truly love to hang back and take candid, natural, lifestyle images of your day. Un-posed and non cheesy. Lets face it, there is nothing worse than a forced smile or an awkward pose! Of course I take charge when necessary – for the family photos or organising the bridal shots. But mostly you should not really notice I am there, you may find me getting in the closet of a small room to make more space for myself, or you may find me climbing on something to get an interesting angle, all these things I am sure will make you smile…..thats when I get ya! 

Will you (Anna) be photographing on the day?

Yip, you get me and all of me on your day, funny little skips & runs, tears laughs, quirks and all!

How much time should we dedicate for our location shoot?

Great question! There would be so much I can cover here! I don’t think you need to spend a massive amount of time on your bridal session. I often say to my couples that 1 hour is a great amount of time to get awesome shots! That is depending on the size of your bridal party and if you are using the one location. Light is a huge factor here too….photographers like to avoid direct sunlight, so we look for lovely shaded spots to take awesome photos, sun can be great if it is low in the sky and at the magic golden hour (1hr before sunset) but if it is a bright sunny day and there is no shade, that will show in your photos with everyone squinting and shading their face (keep this in mind for your ceremony too! Standing in direct sunlight will have you squinting as you say I DO.)
I like to chat to you quite a bit about the location you have chosen to have your bridal shoot. If it is nearby, I love to go and scout out pretty spots to use. And during the evening at your reception, if I see pretty light peaking through, I will often come and sneak the bride and groom away for another little 10min portrait shoot! I love pretty light and pretty spaces!

How much time should we dedicate for getting ready photos?

Getting ready photos are so much fun! It would have to be one of my favorite times at a wedding. I like to spend no less than one hour with both the bride and the groom with getting ready photos. If you have an especially big bridal party, then I may stay for 1.5hrs with the ladies. This allows me to get all the sweet little detail shots of your dress, flowers and the rings and then all those natural awesome photos of you and your loved ones preparing for the biggest day of your life.

What is my editing style & how do I receive my images?

I edit all the photos I give to you in the final album myself. I go over each photo carefully, making sure it is beautiful and ready to print! I give a selection of both B&W and colour images in your final album. I use a selection of both Light Room and Photoshop with editing.
I do not do a huge amount of re-touching, I am more of a natural journalistic photographer, however I do remove blemishes if they are noticeable.
Your images are provided to you digitally in JPG format on a custom USB. I supply you with two folders, one folder contains the high resolution images that you print. And the other folder contains the same images but in low resolution, these are suitable for use online, facebook and social media.

How long after our wedding do we receive our images?

I generally take about 5 – 6 weeks to send your photos to you. But I do get very excited about editing and normally have some sneak peeks to you in a few days of your wedding! I can also post a small snippet album on my Facebook page in about 3 weeks of your wedding too if you fancy that!

Do we get all the photos you take, and can we have un-edited or RAW files?

I hand pick the best photos from your day to edit. I go through your album with a fine tooth comb and delete images where guests may have their eyes closed or of someone eating! (no one really needs to see those ones.) I do not supply any un-edited or RAW files in your album.

Can I add an additional hour to the session I have chosen?

Yip Im totally cool with that. I charge $280 for an additional hour.

Do you also offer video?

YES! My husband Sean is a rather talented man – he has a love for film and a fine panache for editing & music. See all info HERE

How do you organise the family photos on the day?

Family photos are so important, all your loved ones together for such a joyous occasion! Taking family photos can be tricky at a wedding, especially if you have a big guest list! But that is why I am there! I find the best time to do your family photos is directly after the ceremony when everyone is still in the same area. I often ask your celebrant to make an announcement to your guests that we will be doing family photos and/or a group shot right after the ceremony. I then direct everyone to my chosen spot. It would help me greatly if you make a list of all the family members you want to be included in these photos. You will likely forget on the day, and it takes away any stress. I often team up with your maid of honour or your best mate and ask them to grab all the family members and bring them to me. From there we can zip through them pretty nicely. Then everyone is free to mingle and party! YAY

What is an unplugged wedding?

You may have heard this term…an unplugged wedding is a wedding where the couple may ask their guests to please refrain from taking images with their iphones, ipads or cameras. 

Personally I do not mind if you choose to let your guests take photos at your wedding (it is your wedding after all and I’ll work with whatever you decide to do), but some couples may not realise asking guests not to .. is even an option.
You can ask your celebrant to make an announcement, write it in your invites and have a big blackboard guests will see as they arrive at your reception. (I suggest all three if you really want no photos other than mine!)

I do know that photos taken with small devices as the bride walks down the isle will not turn out very good at all…..that’s why I’m there with my beasty equipment. And it is nice for your guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment instead of trying to figure out how to use their phones in tricky light situations that are always changing at a wedding, or standing smack bang in the isle to catch the first kiss meaning I may miss it. I promise to capture them all for you! And it is nice for me to photograph your guests without a big ipad in front of their faces! Just something for you to think about!

Do you charge a travel fee?

I do add an additional travel fee if your wedding is out of Melbourne CBD. For every hour of travel to and from your wedding I charge $60 per hour. I just google map from my home in Caulfield to your venue and home again. My travel fee will also apply to my second shooter should I use one.

For weddings further than 90 min drive from my home, I do charge an additional accommodation fee. Photographing a wedding is a very long day, usually ending late at night, to be on the safe side I spend the night in an affordable motel or air bnb close by and drive home the next morning. 

For international weddings I ask for my airfare, transfers, car hire & accommodation to be covered.

So how do we book and how soon should we book!

The sooner the better with wedding photography to make sure you can secure me on your special day. I sometimes book weddings 1.5 years in advance! So it honestly does pay to get in quick. Saturdays are crazy busy! 
I ask for a $200 booking fee to secure the date for you, I can not hold dates without this booking fee. This amount comes off your final cost of whichever session you choose to use. 


Sheez I think I have covered most points, but I am sure there are more questions you may have!? If so, just shoot me an email or give me a call, Im happy to help! Anna x