Melbourne, Werribee & Yarraville wedding videographer

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Ceremony & bridal portrait film – $2100

7 hours – $2800

10 hours – $3200

My husband Sean is a rather talented man – he has a love for film and a fine panache for editing & music. 

‘Oh wow! Anna and her team did a wonderful job capturing the joy, love, light and tenderness of our rainbow wedding at Mitchelton Winery. Sean’s film was so moving, with perfect timing of music/images + the excellent juxtaposition of images with other images. Just brilliant! My family in Italy were not able to attend so they watched the video and were moved to tears! Absolutely wonderful memories of a glorious day. Thanks Anna & Sean’
Antonella & Deli

Sean – the man behind the camera


Sean has a real passion for film, he has filmed a whole bunch of weddings by my side in the last 2 years. We want you to remember your wedding day the best way we know how, adding film to your day is the complete wedding package. At the end of the day, when the cake has been eaten and the dancing has finished, your family has gone home and you have said your goodbyes, we want you to be able to sit down and rejoice the memory that was your wedding day with beautiful photographs and a tear-jerking film to go alongside them. These films will never out-date, they will never get boring – you will never regret the decision to add film to your wedding day.
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